Welcome to Maveric Marketing Inc.

How We Started...

As a small firm in the North East of Calgary we opened in August 2003 with a staff of ONLY 3 people and with just 1 client.

What We’re Doing Now

In November of 2007, Maveric Marketing Inc. made the move to Montreal, Quebec where we employ bilingual and French staff to help us reach out to our French Canadian customers. In early 2010, we opened an office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in early 2013 we opened an office in Saint John, Newfoundland, allowing us to service the entire East Coast! We are proud to have played a role in the inception, growth, and expansion of other companies including, Divine Marketing Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Promotions Connexions 7 Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, GSG Prestige Enterprises Inc. in Montreal. Since creation, Maveric Marketing Inc. has grown its client portfolio for a total of 6 International, and National clients!

Aspirations for the Future

Our goals include expanding our operations by opening locations in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and throughout the Continental US and Australia. In addition, we have goals to increase our staff to over 100 employees and to expand our client portfolio to cater to our growth.

Who We Are

We specialize in unique face to face marketing including customer acquisitions, promotions, and direct sales. We represent many respected national and international corporations as well as non-profit organizations. Through us, our clients’ customers receive personal and professional marketing approaches which are efficient and cost effective.

Mission Statement

At Big Maveric Marketing, we are inspired by our clients’ commitment to those they serve. Our mission is simple; provide our clients with cutting edge marketing services, offering them proven successful methods that enable them to reach their goals. The key to our success is our drive to partner with our clients and deliver results.